Meet the TBC Media Team

At TBC Media, we have a team of skilled people with a passion for all things media. We strive to learn more about your business, your customers, and the ever-changing media industry as a whole. Each plan is designed to meet our client's specific goals. We always track progress and make smart adjustments along the way to drive continual growth for your company. Whether you're looking to overcome a marketing challenge or maximize a business opportunity, we're here to help you.


Joey Zachary

Sales & Marketing Director
Phone: 661-395-7363


Mayra Rosales

Account Executive
Phone: 661-395-7313

Local Retail

Linda Petree

Inside Sales Account Executive
Phone: 661-395-7621

Connie Uthenwoldt

Account Executive
Phone: 661-395-7250

Julie Morrow

Account Executive
Phone: 661-395-7502

Michelle Wahlberg

Account Executive
Phone: 661-395-7503

Andrea Flores

Account Executive
Phone: 661-395-7238

Melissa Sullivan

Account Executive
Phone: 661-395-7263
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